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venerdì 28 febbraio 2014


Scrittori, fate attenzione, se dovesse arrivarvi una mail come quella qui sotto (indirizzata al sottoscritto) non abboccate! Come tutte le cose troppo belle, non può essere vera.
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Dear Franco Cacciapuoti:

Attached you will find an electronic copy of the contract for your book titled "Senza Tempo".  The body of the contract and America Star Book's signature are attached as a pdf file; your signature line is included in this email.  The contract is comprised of both files. If you assent to the terms of the "Author Contract", please reply to this e-mail by typing your signature and the date (twice, see below) on the lines below, and returning it to me at America Star Books, at megan@americastarbooks.com.

I hereby assent to all of the terms contained in the Author Contract, which was e-mailed to me as a pdf attachment on the ___ day of ____________, 2014 and agree that this signature page, which I am e-mailing to America Star Books on this day, is incorporated therein.  I acknowledge that by typing my name on or around the signature line below, I have affixed my signature hereto.